Bang & Olufsen Luxury iPad BeoSound 8 Speaker Dock

Just in time for the mad-dash holiday season, luxury lovers Bang & Olufsen has introduced the new iPad BeoSound 8 Speaker Dock.

This streamlined luxury gadget cradles and cares for your beloved iPad, as well as iPhones and iPods and at a rich price tag of $1,490 it better do more than provide speakers for just your iPad.

The new iPad BeoSound 8 Speaker Dock cradles your Apple gadgets “in between two large, color-customizable conical speakers each with a pair of drivers and amplifiers at an unmentioned power level. Acousting tuning comes over from the Danish company’s other speakers and, with a switch, alters the sound output to match the properties of the room.”

The stereo has a wall mount to fit less obtrusively and supports both aux-in and USB connections for those who want to use other devices. Bang & Olufsen vows better than usual remote control: the included remote can steer USB devices, not just Apple devices, and those with the Beo4 or Beo5 remotes for other audio systems can have the same amount of control.

BeoSounds should reach the company by the end of the month where you are free to start your holiday ordering frenzy.

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