Dead Squirrel Beer

Brewdog is Scotland’s largest independent brewery.  In July of 2010 they released not only the strongest but also the most expensive beer in the world.  Brewdog titled their beer The End of History.

What made this beer special?  Besides being fermented for 14 months in whiskey barrels.  Then being frozen three times in succession of the other.  While pulling all the traces of water out between each freezing.  They also packaged the product in a stuffed squirrel with the bottle’s neck coming out their mouths.  They only made 12 bottles each selling at 700 pounds.  The alcohol content for this beer is a huge 55%.

Unfortunately for the happy consumers this product sold completely out in under a day.  If we will see more of this product in the future time will only tell. No worries though to the beer drinkers out there they still have a huge 41% alcohol content beer called Sink the Bismarck for a much smaller price tag of 40 pounds.

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