Finding the Perfect Luxury Interior Decorator

Decorating a home can be a renewing experience for many people. If you feel it’s time to have a luxury redecoration, you may want to consider hiring a luxury interior decorator. A general interior decorator may not be able to capture the essence of what you are looking for. Those who work with luxury decorating possibly only work with high end clientele and may be able to match what you are looking for best. Forbes interviewed a luxury interior designer who majored in art history. To her clients, she provides an experience in home décor, not just adding art pieces. Here are a few things to consider when trying to find the perfect luxury interior decorator.

Decide on a Theme

Every interior decorator does not work on all styles and themes. It’s important to have an idea of what you’d like to achieve. You need to decide between having a contemporary, modern, or traditional design idea. Your next options are between European, French, or English style designs. If you are unsure of the different styles, take a look through a few magazines and interior design sites. You can click here to find luxury interior decorating ideas to get you started. Having the style in mind that you would like to have will narrow your options of interior decorators to target.


You will need a theme to work with

Consider Your Budget

Next, take a look at your budget. You may have a budget that you’d like to stick to and a budget you absolutely cannot go over. An interior decorator is costly enough but to have a luxury interior decorator may be even more expensive. You have to consider them as specialists and you are always going to pay more for high quality and experience.

Another part of your budget is the products, décor, and team you will bring in to work on your interior redecorating project. So your decorator is only a piece of the budget. You will need to meet with a few decorators to give them an idea of what you are looking for and what they can offer. It’s perfectly fine to get a preliminary offer to see what direction you may head towards. You may find a decorator that is extremely costly but offers more affordable design ideas and vice versa.

Review Portfolio’s and Contact Clients

Once you have narrowed down your interior decorators to a few prospects, check out their portfolio if available online. Most will have them up. Here, you are looking for their style. See if some of their design styles will fit into your home.

The Interview Process

After you have reviewed a few of the designer’s style from their portfolio, it’s time to meet and conduct interviews. Contact their office and set up an appointment. Most luxury interior designers will have an office to meet their clients in. There you’ll find more of their work. You can also arrange to meet in a restaurant or coffee shop if their office is far away. Some will want to come to your home to get an idea of what they will be working with in your home. If they did not have a portfolio available online, now is the time to review them.

Besides reviewing their portfolio, you should ask them to define luxury. It could mean antiques or renovating a home to various craftsmanship ideas. Also, ask about references and to see the work of those references they give you. Find out if they have any repeat clients. This is always a good sign, but you still want to review the work. This is also a perfect time to examine the portfolio and ask the decorator questions. Find out more about why they selected the colors and decorations. You’ll learn a lot about them.


Before hiring an interior designer check their previous work and see if you like it

Talk with the luxury interior decorator about their process. Ask if they have any preferred architects and contractors they work with. See if they have any problems with your bringing in your own.

Finally, during this time, also check out their personalities. Interior decoration projects can take months. Are you able to withstand this person around you for that long of a time? Do they seem too bossy or not competent enough? Are they young and adventurous? They could be old and more conservative. After your interview, take a few weeks to determine which decorator is a right fit for you.

Image Credits: Magic Charm Grafix and Marcelle Guilbeau

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