The Most Expensive Sneaker: Nike's Air Force One So Cal

I should admit that I have a little bit of a shoe addiction (see the Borgezie Eternal Diamond Stilettos I wrote about a couple of days ago), particularly to sneakers. And, why not? They’re comfortable, fashionable, and these days you can wear them almost anywhere. Especially if they’re decorated with gold and diamonds.

These one-of-a-kind Nike Air Force One So Cal’s were produced by Atlanta’s Laced Up sneaker boutique as part of the launch of their Solitaire Kicks line. The idea behind Solitaire Kicks is that you can customize your own shoes with yellow, blue or white diamonds, not to mention silver or gold.

This particular pair was gifted to rapper Big Boi by Solitaire Kicks. They contain 11 carats of white diamonds surrounding the Nike swoosh, which are sewn on with fine gold thread. Although they were given to Big Boi gratis as part of the launch, they are valued at around $50,000. Your average Nike Air Force Ones run about $225, making the customizations a pretty significant upgrade.

In case you don’t know, the Air Force One is traditionally a basketball shoe. The question is: will diamonds and gold improve your jump shot? If so, they might be worth the investment if the return will be a multi-million dollar NBA contract.

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