The World's Most Expensive Soap

What might you imagine the ingredients are of the world’s most expensive soap? Would you imagine that it would have diamond dust to gently exfoliate you? Might it be wrapped in gold? Well, you wouldn’t be completely off the mark, but you wouldn’t be right on target, either.

The most expensive soap in the world is called Cor, and it’s made by a company called Plank. Plank isn’t your average luxury cosmetics company, though. They’re an extremely highbrow yoga goods maker. The soap, Cor, costs $125 for an 120 gram bar. There’s no diamond dust involved, though. According to Most Expensive, Cor “has chitosan to even out skin tone, sericin—a silk extract—to trap moisture and provide UV protection and four types of collagen to help maintain skin structure. Silver, a known antibacterial agent, is what makes Cor the most expensive soap in the world.”

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